Our vision is to post fun, meaningful, exciting, and educating write ups about people, places, and things all over the world.

Our mission is to keep giving interesting information to readers around the world.

Hello everyone. I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Taylor. I am the CEO of Taylorbentertainment.com. My other pages are as follow:


I am so excited to bring you fun, meaningful, exciting, and educating write ups about people, places, and things all over the world. It will be my pleasure to have you all coming back for more and more new information.

In addition, I have more information to share about me. I am a God Fearing, Beautiful, Black, No Low Self-esteem, Educated Lady. My first love is educating children all over the world. I’ve taught, listened, and had patience with children from grades K-8 for over fifteen years. I am an entrepreneur. I have a daycare (ages 3-11), girl’s mentoring program (ages 13-17), and a girls tutoring program (ages 5-17). I will have a few more businesses coming in the future.

It is fun, enlightening, and amazing to share my other God Giving Gifts. I handle AnR, Image Consulting and Branding. I get to help, meet and introduce people on my websites who are from other cities, states, countries, and continents.

I am a fan of football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. However, I do not like to watch baseball on television because it’s boring. Being at a Detroit Tigers game, doing the wave with the crowd, eating food, and screaming, “Hit the ball” is more fun.

My favorite fun things to do is keep my peace and joy, keep positive people in my circle, read the Word of God, speak in my Heavenly Language, daily prayer, be humble, be active at my church, keep it 100, help communities of poverty around the world, write poetry, go to plays, write plays, fish, cook, travel, decorate, walk, and sit by the water.

Thank you for reading my bio. Here are my social sites

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