T.B.E. Promotions & Entertainment (T.B.E.) is a multimedia entertainment company. We work with artists across the USA, Africa, and other countries. In addition, we handle events, international radio play, international interviews, international televised interviews, and more. We are committed to wholesome entertainment across the world. T.B.E. distinguishes itself through the commitment it undertakes with each of its customers and striving for the comfort of establishing a good relationship with our partners and clients.

Here are the services we provide: Generate airplay, tracking coordinate radio Interviews, radio play in other countries/ continents , compose E-Blast/Newsletters, provide BDS/Media Base Reports, submit music to AnR’s and more.

Gh Female Cypher

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T.B.E.’s mission is to stay ahead in providing businesses and organizations with quality personal service regarding marketing, ideas, and advice. We aim to provide you with accurate, complete information, resources to make best use of that information, communicate in a timely manner, to be price competitive, and to make doing business productive and fun.