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Assent Tweed (aka VICTOR OSAREMEH) is a multi-talented International Recording Artist and Music Director, with extensive knowledge and experience in the music field. He is a true worshiper who has a passion for serving God. He has had great exposure to utilize various music techniques: compose, produce, score and master music across different genres within the Gospel platform.

He spent the first 5 years of his career working with Engineer Dr (Mrs) M Etebu, Evangelizing, providing food, health care supplies, and travelling to various villages in Bayelsa State Nigeria to deliver water.

He has worked for over 11 years as a worship leader, training choirs and instrumentalists across all branches of Christ Embassy Southern Africa. His expertises include planning, coordinating, and choreographing major music events /productions for church program’s with audiences of 50 000 -100 000 in attendance.

He has written and released 4 full albums, 3 singles and recorded several music videos, and featured in other albums with Gospel artists like Sinach and Martin PK. He co-produced a hit reality television show “Dynasty Music” currently on air exclusively on LoveWorld SAT (

Over the past 8 years he performed in several music concerts in South Africa, Venice -Italy, Paris -France, Germany, and various states in Nigeria. Other expertises include events management and fleet management for the local church. His current initiative /projects are giving back to under privileged communities, up and coming musicians, and vulnerable women and children.

Music Director

  • Established a number of choirs and instrumentalists across different branches across Southern Africa.
  • Groomed choir masters/co-ordinators to manage choir members on a weekly basis in each church.
  • Held various Music auditions to select choir members for various churches and events.
  • Trained choir members for different programmes and/or productions which included voice training and instrument auditions for the instrumentalists.
  • Co-ordinated teams for strategic planning of choir training programmes such as leadership skills, church doctrine, worship studies, code of conduct and dress code.
  • Compose and teach worship songs to mass choirs across Southern Africa and Nigeria
  • Co-produced of a hit reality television show “Dynasty Music” currently on air exclusively on LoveWorldSAT (

Additional Information:

  • Events manager
  • Communicated and facilitated strategic planning sessions for concerts and special church productions /projects.
  • Trained choirs on vocal singing and choreographed musical play for various events/concerts /projects.
  • Co-ordinated teams for strategic planning of musical plays, shows and programmes.
  • Discovery of new talent in auditions held for special church productions /projects.
  • Co-ordination of teams involved in program logistics , wardrobe, transport , ticketing, food and accommodation, including budgeting for each event
  • Choreographed music productions, videos and some musical plays for various events

Recording Artist

  • Performed in various live concerts
  • Handled the tasks of making vocal arrangement scoring, mixing, mastering and composing songs
  • Recorded sessions on regular basis and release 4 albums and 2 singles
  • Participated in recordings with other artists
  • Assisted in the development of Music curriculum

Music Crew Member

Special Projects – Nigeria, NG

January 2000 to Jan 2005 (5 years)

  • Travelling across villages in Nigeria and providing medical and food supplies to the villagers
  • Performing with the Music group in the Gospel crusades held for the villages
  • Leading Project activities that include arranging accommodation and venues where food and medicals supplies will be distributed.

Performances outside of Special Project activities

  • Occasionally performed with a group called “ Gospel Lite” and Asu Ekiye & De Nu Dimension in numerous live concerts and featured in some of the groups videos such as “Wo-Ekilomo and “Jesus I Love You”.

Released Albums:
Available on ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, etc.

  • 2007 – Here’s My Heart
  • 2011 – Greater
  • 2013 – Project Winner Man
  • 2016 – Something More Than Gold

Released Singles:
Available on ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, etc.

  • 2014 – Our God is Able
  • 2016 – Sold Out
  • 2016 – How Great You Are

Featured Albums:

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