B Hype’s Testimony

B Hype is a man that engaged in a long life of drugs, alcohol, and an excessive amount of women. Fame comes with a whole lot of access to anything you want. Twista’s hype man, B Hype enjoyed but yet experienced the not so good life in the fast pace entertainment environment. He lived life on stage getting the crowd hyped up, turned up, and wanting more while beside his long time friend “Tongue Twisting Lyrical” Twista.

“Mind Games” is moving fast across the world. When you hear B Hype’s name, his fans quickly and instantly know they will be ready to bounce their heads and dance. Next, “Want Me” is in every DJ’s play list as well as “Pimpin Gold” featuring Gritz. B has made a name for himself by stepping out and using his creative lyrical talent. I had a chance to meet GMG camp a few years ago during Showtime and The Guddamann’s release party in Chicago at Adriannas. B Hype was very captivating with his humble spirit. He was very easy to have an intellectual conversation with. Hype, being in the game (entertainment world), has gone through many obstacles. No one would believe that Twista’s Hype man, B Hype would become a victim of a Heroin addiction. Heroin is a deadly drug and few people have survived it. Heroin is an illrgal, highly addictive drug derived from morphine, which is obtained from opium poppy. He became focused on himself and no one else mattered to him while high. B cared about getting his next fix to feel good.

During B Hype’s addiction, he began to go into a quiet place. He did not want to be around anyone. He made the drug Heroin hid best friend. At the age of 17 years old his father died. B could not go on with the hurt and pain inside. His heart was destroyed with emptiness of never seeing his dad again. Hype found his comfort in Heroin. Hype speaks on how the drug took control of his body.

Luckily, B Hype was able to rise above his addiction before it killed him. It was a step by step process in getting completely healed from his drug use. His sister Krshae Euell was his support system. He could go to her daily, B Hype is clean from Heroin. He has been clean now for 16 Years. Hype is much stronger, even more humble, relaxed, happier, and can see a better future. He is focused with being on tour with Twista and being the best hype man during the performances.

B has taken the initiative from being the hype man to a hip hop artist with a message in all of his songs. He is still Twista’s Hype man. Hype has been with Twista since he first began years ago. B Hype’s message to other artists in the entertainment industry is to remain focused. He encourages artist to be around positive people who will lift them up. B stated, “if you put your mind to it, you can do anything you desire, because your mind is a powerful weapon.” B Hype would also like to acknowledge Twista and the entire GMG camp, Spinsyndicate Radio/Unified Radio for this interview.

For more information on how to book B Hype for any and all performances, please contact [email protected] and follow B Hype on twitter @TheVerbal.

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