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Bobby Jones Presents: Emmanuel Louis Ndupu

Photo of Emmanuel Louis Ndupu after a performance Performed on August 9, 2014 for Bobby Jones Gospel in Tennessee.
Emmanuel Louis Ndupu Father's Day Event Poster

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Black and white photo of Emmanuel Louis Ndupu singing into a microphone
Photo of Emmanuel Louis NdupuEmmanuel Louis Ndupu is a singer and songwriter born in Nigeria, but based in Detroit, Michigan, USA. He’s also the writer of the book Great Dream, How You Can Make It Happen. His gift to sing for God’s glory began to manifest at the age of 8; at 15, he began to write songs. In 1999, he had a life-changing experience.
While traveling in a bus packed with 48 passengers, God spoke to Emmanuel and said, “Start praying. In a few minutes, there will be bloodshed. Many will die.” He obeyed and began to pray. He saw a bright flashing light, and fell asleep. About 15 minutes later, the accident occurred. Many died, but Emmanuel was saved. He rushed out of the bus and again, heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “God has a mission for you which is not yet done because God wants you to use your voice and praise His holy name.” Today, he continues to follow that word from the Lord and serve Him through praise and worship ministry.

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