IBK Spaceshipboi

Photo of IBK Spaceshipboi's FaceDriven by the will to create distinct music guaranteed to move your spirit, soul and body, IBK is becoming a strong brand associated with creative good music in the Nigerian music industry. With the spaceshipboi persona; a fictional superhero figure from another dimension sent to earth with a message of Change and Hope to inspire this generation, he is definitely a force to reckon with.

Born Ibukun Kevin Emuwawon in the city of Warri in Delta State on December 18 1982, the Ondo state native is the last of 4 children. He is a Producer, Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Vocal instructor and owner of the production outfit MARTIANSHIP. He spent his early youth in his birth city where he attained his basic formal Education in N.N.P.C primary school Warri, and later got his secondary education in Demonstration Secondary School run by the College of Education Warri. There, he was schoolmates with Nigerian pop soul Diva Omawumi and soul sister Nneka. During this period, IBK joined the rap duo of producer Oscar Heman-Ackah and Aiwa called the 4th Dimension; it was a period of growth and development in his craft as a Producer and a Rapper. IBK might have grown up listening to jazz, soul and the likes of Nat King Cole, Chick Corea, Leo Sayer and Nina Simone, but his rap fever was ignited the day he was introduced to the duo Kriss Kross back in the 90’s. This set in motion his journey into music which saw he and his brother writing rhymes and recording on double deck cassette players that were in vogue back then. He later moved on to Ogun state to study Computer Engineering in Covenant University, and there his passion for music blossomed. Actively involved with the school choir, he later became it’s Music Director.

This musical genius is the owner of the production outfit “MartianShip” and has worked with notable artistes in the Nigerian music industry. His style is what he likes to call Spaceship-music; a fusion of neo-soul, Jazz, hip-hop and a touch of an out-of-this-world element.

While the edgy theme of 21st century hip-hop permeates his style, giving him street-worthiness and credibility, he retains the sincerity of the message in gospel music, with his lyrics always driven by an aim to educate and a voice prepared to preach. Proof of this can be found in his debut album I COME IN PEACE.

Mandela Tribute Song

Last years end saw the loss of a truly great man. Nelson Mandelas leadership and selflessness was a light that radiated beyond the confines of his Robben Island prison cell. He lit up the world. In a unique and remarkable tribute to Madiba by TemiDollFace and IBK Spaceshipboi, the great mans legend is done justice.

The inspirational tribute, Keeper of the Sun, by this newly formed production duo, challenges the listener to “be the change they want to see in the world”. With an accompanying lyric video and Making Of Documentary, Keeper of the Sun, is a worthy mark of respect to one of the great heroes of the last century.”

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