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Winning Kate PhotoWinning Kate is a Praise and Worship leader, singer, songwriter and composer who loves worshiping God and praising Him through music in her unique way. She could say she practically started singing from the womb, because her mother was in the choir. However, she joined the choir as a child and has since grown to be a strong vocal and musical household name in God’s vineyard.

She just recently released her debut album titled FALALA which consists of six (6) powerful tracks, with FALALA being the lead single.

YOU ARE THE REASON is a song of worship declaring the Supremacy and Lordship of Jesus Christ according to the bridge of the song. It sets Jesus as the center of our worship. According to the book of Revelation 4, the Bible talks about the throne of God and how the 24 elders and creatures in heaven worships He who sits upon the throne. Jesus is the reason for our worship! Alleluia!

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WinningKate’s FALALA album is available on iTunes.

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