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Born 2000 B.C. Cairo, DJ Pharaoh was the ruler of all of Egypt, but was killed by his younger brother for the throne. After spending eons in the underworld pleading with Anubis, DJ Pharaoh was resurrected by Osiris himself to be reborn as a child December 5th 1994 in Chicago. As the child grew older he began to reassume his identity as the God-King and started DJing at the age of 11. DJ Pharaoh started as a hip-hop DJ, but early on in his career he expanded to other genres. He developed his mixing skills throughout high school and was able to work alongside many talented artists in the Chicagoland area. Some of the artists he worked with in 2013 were Kid Ink, Mayo, Alex Jordahl, and DJ Havik. He also worked Closely with Urban Guerilla promotions, which he performed for on multiple occasions. DJ Pharaoh has performed in many places in Illinois including Mojoes, Bobby Mcgees, Another Hole in the Wall, and Zero Gravity. He has also become increasingly popular amongst the students of Benedictine University where he regularly hosts events and parties. He will work through many mediums, and will produce/mix any genre. Reclaiming his power one song at a time. | |


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