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Photograph of B Hype“The young terrors of the hood,” is how Twista described his partnership with B-Hype when they began to establish themselves as rappers. Twista first met up with Jonnie Euell also known as B-Hype in the late 1980s. They were united by the classic sounds of artists like Ice Cube, N.W.A., The Ghetto Boys and the poppin’ Chicago House music scene. B-Hypes continue to be inspired by rappers such as Snoop Dogg, Nelly and Outkast; his favorite hip-hop group. Back then Twista needed someone who he could work with to bring his Chi-town energy on stage and to the hip-hop fans; he found his man in B-Hype. They started from the streets when Twista was shopping demos, until he was the first artist to sign to LOUD records; B-Hype remained his hype man. From there they would go to the Atlantic label. In 2008, Twista launched a new record label called Get Money Group Entertainment , and twenty plus years later, many hardships and memorable hits later, B-Hype is still in Twista’s corner musically. With a lifetime of experiences flowing through a pen and paper onto tracks, B-Hype is ready to tell his story with his yet to be titled debut album, and Twista is there to help support and establish B-Hype as a top Chicago MC. There are many elements that make B different from other rappers. “He’s one of the truest rappers,” states Twista. “He actually flows to the beat rather than talking to it.” It is Twista’s intent for B-Hype to find his place and grow gradually in the rap game. With the Get Money Group; consisting of B-Hype, Showtime, Gritz and Mello Tha Guddamann; all collaborating together to deliver the most insane flows, Twista hopes B-Hype’s and his other artists’ reputation continues to spread across the industry. As for B-Hype’s debut, it is a personal album, dealing with good times, tragedy, trials and tribulations, some which threaten to sever the bond between B-hype and Twista. From gold diggers, drug addiction, to his time in prison, to the death of loved ones; these experiences are referred to in his sincere lyrics. “If I can get out there and let people hear the type of feeling I have inside, I feel it’s all love…” B-Hype reveals. During his time away, B-hype matured as a rapper, so much that it surprised and impressed his peers. Displaying the Adrenaline Rush style that is associated to Twista and working with producers such as Tight Mike, and Duke, B-Hype wants to “bring the heart and music” back to hip-hop. Twista attests to the heartfelt elements of B-Hype’s music. “He came up from the hood hard, but he makes feel good musicit’s like you can touch him.” The mission for B-Hype is to bring hip-hop back to the way it use to be: urban, honest and fun. First and foremost, he wants to entertain the people, because he loves what he does. His satisfaction comes from being able to perform with Twista in front of the fans. For B-Hype it’s all about the music, his heart will make for a profound and influential listening experience that only a select few Chicago MC’s can execute.

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