Black&White Photo of Blaq Boy on Stage Perfoming

Photo of Blaq Boy's faceMany has doubted the fact that he is not the biological brother of Ghana’s fastest rapper and BET award winner Sarkodie. Alfred Tetteh Coffie with BlaqBoy as stage name and born on the 8th of June 1988. He is a rapper though, with the lyricist skills and the versatility in adapting any beat from any angle. He is characterized by the way he blends his rap with scientific terminologies making listeners to be found in suspense and yearn for more. He is also easily identified with “I know you feeling it” and “most definite” whenever he rap.

Recently joining Twipop as a soldier, the General (D.Cryme) is well convinced and anticipates his lyrics will go a long way to add something positive to the Ghana music industry thus hiplife/hip-pop to be precised.

His first single under the Twipop record label entitled “Wo p3 saa” is stunning and talks about the life of a certain girl. He also has a video “Get there” which is aired on various tv stations in the country.

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