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Coverart for This Lifestyle by DPoneDPone (pronounced D-Pone) found honor in the streets of Pasadena, California which led to the beginning of his rap career at the age of 18. Using his street knowledge as the foundation for his lyrical talent, delivery, and unique sound; he became heavily determined to “versify” the struggles of his street life and his lifestyle developed through his music artistry.

Presenting his first 2 singles, “This Lifestyle” and “Pop It”, off the upcoming mixtape (Big Body Music – Barz & Hookz) to be released Summer 2014. You will identify these tracks as prime examples of the highly desirable West Coast Hip-Hop that we’ve been missing since the 90s. Agreeably, you will be gratified with DPone’s craft!

DPone’s “This Lifestyle” is currently featured on DJ VIP’s SoundCloud, HipHopSince1987.com (Listed under Music and Up and Coming), radio play rotation (i.e. TheGrid10.com “Indie Cypher Show” and SoWestRadio.com, etc.), and several blogs (i.e. Mo Betta from HOT 107.1 Memphis, DJ Flizzy Flames, The 65 Connection, etc.)

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