Field Dvy

Photo of Field Dvy's faceFIELD DVY (born March 1, 1991) is a Hip hop rapper, singer-songwriter, as well as a poet, art director, activist and entrepreneur of African descent who grew up in New York. Emerging from two distinct cultures and set to conquer both the urban and pop realms, he’s an undeniable force whose real deal approach to music and-more important-the craft of singing are the main gifts shared with his fans base The Field Day Fiends. His debut Mix tape ‘Higher Ground’ is a raw and riveting, emotionally-complex record which finds this creative act more open and connected to his fans than ever before. FIELD DVY has recently released A Flight to Imagination EP, a five track sensual, soul and slithering rock creation. This self taught pianist and art director advocates the use of his gift of lyricism as therapy to push through tough times. His verbal straight shooting and musical story telling is honest and true to life, placing him in an elite league with other hip hop greats. He has a non-traditional voice, a croon that is sometimes conversational, sometimes ragged, and always engaging. His smooth, soulful vocals have a bright veneer, and he is able to tread the line between Afro pop and hip hop with dexterity.

FIELD DVY has acted at several theaters around the world and has written more than a thousand songs. He is an activist for sustainable renewable energy and has contributed to several youth empowerment journals. Raised by a single mother, FIELD DVY wrote his first song at age eight and joined his first band The Front line soldiers at eleven. In his high school days, he toured locally with his band as their lead singer and songwriter while steadily earning his stripes as a versatile emcee. FIELD DVY dropped out of college to pursue a career in music because he believed that was his natural calling.

His earliest exposure to music was through his mother’s record collection, which was mostly of soul and gospel records. A storm of magical lyrical skills as he defines his act, FIELD DVY, one of our generation’s finest lyricists had his fair share of dark and challenging times. He experienced a difficult childhood growing up in an impoverished society but strove to inspire his society positively with his talents. FIELD DVY turned his back on the underworld where he and friends had dabbled in several life threatening activities he is not proud of. He worked tirelessly day and night focusing his energy on honoring his craft to become a worldwide Hip Hop sensation. He founded Galactic Ploy Records in 2010, a record label he is currently signed to. Before the birth of Galactic Ploy Records, he was signed to Wild Wild Records and Black Avenue Music, all labels that were founded by his childhood friends.

At Galactic Ploy Records, A platform which ensures a liberated work environment beyond the pressures of the commercial world has been established because FIELD DVY believes in music as a power that opens new horizons, raises aspirations and helps individuals express who they are. Wise beyond his years, FIELD DVY is a unique artiste who has the ability to use his vulnerability as a creative catalyst to make timeless music.

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