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Photo of Pope Skinny in the Studio

Image of Pope Skinny's faceOn the 22nd January, 1987 a talented baby known as Edwin Ohene Darko was born by Mrs. Susan Ohene Darko and Mr. William Akonnor in Amanokrom Akuapem (Eastern region of Ghana). He started his basic school at Base Ordinance Depot School in Accra (Burma Camp). Edwin then furthered his education at Adonten Senior Secondary School in Aburi in the Eastern Region of Ghana from 2001-2003. Edwin Ohene Darko (POPE SKINNY) discovered his talent in Junior Secondary School, where he began to perform On FUN WORLD and KIDAFEST respectively. POPE SKINNY thrilled audiences and students on stage in most schools and fun places. After completing junior secondary school, he formed a musical rap group called KOKROKOO based in Accra. Group members: King Palma and Abortion now Known as Coded of 4×4 fame, was the best group at that time. KOKROKOO group split when POPE SKINNY entered into the senior secondary school. POPE SKINNY found out that his dialect language, Akuapem had no representation in the music scene. He immediately originated the Akuapem Rap which made him the 1st person to ever to rap in Akuapem. POPE with the idea that two heads are better than one formed a musical group again. He joined with Shankoma who was also a talented Akuapem rapper. The second group was called NSOI. POPE SKINNY and Shankoma won more awards in the senior high schools, including the FIESTA 2001. While in school Pope Skinny was called by Coded, his ex-group mate, to feature on 4×4 first album SIKILITELE. The success of the first album which features Pope Skinny went to #1. BUK BAK and PRINCE DAVE RECORDS decided to sign him.

IN 2005, 2 years after Senior Secondary School, POPE SKINNY came out with his 1st album titled MRI PA meaning GOOD TIME. The songs on the album featured artist: Castro, Bukbak, and Nkasei became household songs throughout the nation under Prince Dave Records.

The album featured a lot of renowned Ghanaian Hip Life musicians. The album made an impact throughout the world among the Ghanaian communities. POPE had the chance to perform on several stages including Night with the Stars and other entertainment shows. Due to the uniqueness of his style of Rap (Akuapem Rap), POPE SKINNY was featured on almost all the big hits in Ghana in 2005. Songs like OBAA NO by OKOMFOUR KWADEE, BUKBAKs GONJA BARRACTS album which POPE SKINNY featured on the first 6 tracks. This made him popular throughout Ghana with his performance and stage craft.

In 2007, POPE SKINNY lost his producer PRINCE DAVE. The shock of his lost made POPE take 1year off from music to mourn his producer who was more than a producer but a father figure as well. In 2008, POPE SKINNY dropped his 1st single off his second album called YEKOR BROWSI meaning WE ARE GOING TO BROWSE. The title of the album became very controversial in which some radio stations refused to play his music. The song spoke about fraud in a different way that most people thought POPE SKINNY was speaking in favor of fraud. Six months later pope skinny came out with the ANTI FRAUD CAMPAIGN TOUR. Due to POPE SKINNYs Anti-Fraud Campaign Tour, internet fraud has reduced drastically in Ghana.

In 2009, POPE SKINNY released his 2nd single off his second album GHANAIAN GIRLZ featuring 4×4 which had both radio and TV play. That single described GH girls in a way that made him win the fans of most women in Ghana. A famous line in his Rrap to the Ghanaian song is if Ghana girl were to be a car, like it will always be a brand new car and the name will be called Bongingangin. If Ghana girls were to be a building, from the way their figure is curvy like it will be a Quadruplet story building etc. The Ghanaian girls single was a big hit in Ghana.

September 2010, POPE SKINNY took the baton from Dr. Duncan and Dr. Prekese to be the new host of the best weekly radio program in Ghana KASAHARI LEVEL on Adom FM. He is now a Hip Life musician and a radio presenter. POPE enjoys singing, rapping, and watching movies during his leisure times. In 2011 POPE SKINNYs 2nd album came out in an interview on TV3 SUN RISE. He called it ROUND 2 which had 20 songs on that album. As of today, recording in the studio is his favorite fun time. POPE looks forward to releasing more hit songs as the Lord Almighty permits. The talented musician is currently not signed to any record label but is managed by Taylor Brown in the USA.

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