Congratulations to 11 year old D’Adra McHenry

Congratulations to 11 year old D’Adra McHenry. She is pictured with her mother, of Eastpointe Michigan. She attends Jefferson Middle School with a Grade Point Average of 3.78 while attending practice four-days-a-week. She wants to compete in the Olympics one day. D’Adra scored first place with 38.05 points out of 40 in her last competition. McHenry competes in four events: vault, beam, bars, and floor. D’Adra is very humble, believes in focusing on her craft, and having the right attitude.
D'Adra McHenry Photo

D'Adra McHenry Photo

Odogwu N’agha

Chen Emmanuel’s new single

Odogwu N’agha Ft. Gracebound Crew

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One God, multiple personalities. One God, Limitless abilities. One God, beyond description, amongst all other names we call God now and in times past, we choose in this song to call Him, The Mighty man in battle…who wins our wars before they even commence.

Chen Emmanuel is a gospel Singer/songwriter and the music director for the GraceBound Crew. The Gracebound crew was envisioned on February 2016 and since then been ministering as a group. The GraceBound Crew is a group of gifted musicians and is not defined by a single genre of music. Each member contributes an amazing style and ingenuity to every song. The team consists of 14 individuals, 6 vocalists and 8 instrumentalists. The vision of this gospel crew is from Philippians 3:16…”forsaking all for Christ alone”. Inspired majorly by the gospel of Christ, the team has written several songs, 4 of which have been recorded and released.

ODOGWU N’AGHA is the second song off #TheNovemberProject album by the Gracebound Crew.

The November Project is there first album which would surely bless you as you listen.

The first letters of each song form the acronym S O J I which means “to wake up” in Yoruba language.

Regional Vice President (Africa) of Western Union (WU), a leader in global payment services as it celebrates 20 years of business with Africa

At a meeting in WU’s Washington DC offices in the USA, Aida gave a thorough insight into WU Operations in Africa to respective news organizations targeting African audiences in the US.

Below is the Question (Q) and Answer (A) session that transpired:

Q: You have been with WU since 1999; starting as Assistant Marketing Manager in charge of US Outbound to Africa operations, give us a background to your rise up the ranks?
A: I look at my career as the fantastic opportunity that it is which allowed me to be on both sides of the transactions when it comes to sending and receiving money to and from Africa. So I was fortunate to be in charge of our operations from the US servicing the African corridors. A few years later I decided to join our team in Africa because that is where everything is happening. I was assigned the marketing responsibility for all Africa and my role evolved into a regional role which ended up with me being in that role for Africa.

Q: Where in Africa are you currently based?
A: We are based in Morocco; the headquarters for Africa, though we also have regional offices – one in South Africa and the other one in Lagos Nigeria – on the continent.

Q: Your Decision to go to Africa might be borne out of your study of the demographics and the huge financial potential. Can you give us some insight into the financial aspects of your study?
A: What is important to know is that the financial flows in Africa is driven mainly due to the migration patterns of Africans, as you know Africans move a lot. It is believed that about 30 million Africans live outside of their countries of origin. A lot of this migration is happening also in the United States, Europe, as well as within Africa itself. All this is to say that there is a lot of movement that is fostering a lot of the remittance that we see in the region.

In terms of total flows: the varying numbers depend on the respective organizations monitoring the industry, it is believed that there is as much as $60B US sent to Africa through WU, but again it varies from different sources.

Q: Which Country can you single out as the highest inflow destination?
A: The way I would like to look at remittance is more from the aspect of the impact on a given country. In some 15 countries in Africa, the remittance flow contributes to more than 10 percent of their GDP so that is how impactful it is. We therefore make sure we offer relevant services in every single country we serve, making sure we offer better options to consumers by enabling them to receive and send transactions as much as possible and with optimum flexibility.

Q: We all know Western union as being involved in sending and receiving money. Are there any other activities you are involved in that impact Africa?
A: We are certainly involved in sending and receiving money but I believe I would like people to relate to us more as a company specializing in payments services. One of the things that we do is serving of small and medium scale businesses through our business solutions entity where we also enable consumer-to-business and business-to-consumer payments. This is probably more relevant to markets in areas like the UK and other countries in Europe but definitely an opportunity for Africa moving forward.

Q: How are you embracing emerging technologies with your work in Africa?
A: You know you will be amazed by our capability in Africa to adopt to new technology. When you look at the total numbers of small wallet that exist in the world it will surprise you how many of such are in Africa. So when you see the impact that mobile has today in enabling financial inclusion and enabling consumers to have access to financial services you realize this is also an indication that technology is going to continue to play an increasing role in the remittance industry in Africa. The way we embrace technology is evidenced through some of the important milestones accomplished in Africa. For instance, in selected countries today you can receive money directly from your electronic device or mobile wallet. One has the option to choose whether to go to a location to pick up their cash or have the funds deposited into their electronic or mobile wallet, we also do that with regular bank accounts. We now have the capability to draw funds from 50 million accounts in Nigeria, for example a customer that owns an account that wants to collect funds without going to a location can collect from a platform and pull funds directly to accounts. This function is going to develop further as most of the industry regulators are pushing to have financial inclusion that have come through new technologies and digital platforms.

Q: So in this case are moneys collected in the local currency at the receiving end or in the currency of the sending country?
A: We respect the regulations in place for individual countries. If the regulator allows payment in hard currency we provide the option, if the regulator however has clear mandate and directions that the payments should take place in local currency then we abide by such regulation.

Q: Do you use the national bank rates or you set your own exchange rates?
A: It is critical to know that as we operate in any given country we do that within the guidelines of that country, so typically there are clear guidelines in terms of what rates can be applied and what flexibility operators have within that framework. Here at WU we are very keen on making sure that whatever rates we apply is in line with the guidelines. Nigeria for example is a place where the regulator indicates clearly the rates to be applied by all the industry players, in a case like this we of course have no option but to comply.

Q: You might be aware that Nigeria has the biggest economy in West Africa. You mentioned that you have an office in Nigeria, so how are you impacting its economy?
A: The size of remittance for Nigeria is estimated at about $21B US so of course as a key player we play a role in channeling these inflows into the country. When you do a ratio of the right size of the remittance compared to the GDP it is the equivalent of about 6%. You know the remittance industry contributes up to 6% of the GDP of Nigeria so we believe that it is significant and that we as a key player should continue to enable and make it easier for Nigerians to send and to receive money. One of the very interesting fact is that in 2015 the regulator allowed outdoor remittance within certain guidance, that was a rather phenomenal development enabling our customers to send money out of Nigeria. Parents were able to send money to their children in school. Looking at Nigeria as an important migration platform, this enables migrants there to send money back to their families in the neighboring countries. There are other interesting developments which make us want to make sure we continue to serve the African Consumer in the most efficient manner.

Q: In the midst of Competition for Business in Nigeria with several money transfer companies, can you give us one reason to use the services of WU?
A: The question about the service that we offer is based on our commitment to the community to start with. As I was saying we have been in Nigeria for 20 years now. It has been 20 years of amazing development, we are now looking at 5000 points of sale. 5000 touch points that people can actually go and collect money at. It is about the diversification of the portfolio of services that we make available. You can now chose to have the money deposited in your account, go to a point of sale, or you can use your mobile wallet. All these developments for me are essential to continue to better serve the customer. An aspect that one has to keep in mind is the compliance aspect link to our industry altogether. All regulators keep on ensuring that we know who the sender is, we know who the receiver is and there are follow ups and monitoring of transactions to ensure that the platform is used for the purpose it has been designed for – which is to support families back home – so these are important elements that we find ourselves implementing and that will continue to progressively evolve as we move forward.

Q: Talk about capturing the market, does WU offer promotional incentive to customers?
A: If you want to offer proper service it has to do with the quality of the service and offering a safe environment and platform for customers to use it. It is also about making sure that we offer promotions for much more activity during the back-to-school season for example; during which we give out to school children and support libraries among other things. In some countries for example we support education by training teachers. This is really part of our DNA and we are going to continue to do that. If you check the Africa Diaspora Market place, we enable the entrepreneur in the diaspora in Africa and those outside to invest back in their country of origins by creating or developing existing businesses through interactions with banks, financial support, or giving technical assistance so our community engagement in the diaspora goes beyond the service that we offer. We believe this is essential because of the role it plays in the economy. It’s also about being socially responsible.

Q: How does one get information about some of these things you’ve mentioned?
A: It is important to visit our website and read the story related to the African Diaspora Market Place at that provides a lot of information on activities that we are involved in and the commitments that we have with the community that highlights the efforts we have and the work that we do for the community.

Q: What is the future of WU in Africa?
A: I am particularly excited about our capability to offer the service from mobile apps. This is available here in the United States but we want to make sure we extend that service to outside the US as well. I also believe through the new technology that we have implemented at Western Union that, we will be able to connect and leverage our capability to tap into all those social media sites to continue to enable remittance through our systems. This is already happening but we are going to develop that to involve more countries in Africa and make it broader for the diaspora market.

Q: It appears the source of the inflows is the Diaspora, but how is WU engaging that community to let them know there are other resources available?
A: The discussion we are having is one example. But there are different outreaches through media that we do to inform the diaspora community. Our website is definitely one option to ensure that the diaspora is aware of the service offering made available to them and also the work that we do within the community to keep active.

Q: What are some of the Challenges facing WU in Africa?
A: I believe it has to do with leveraging the new technology we have while continuing to remain compliant with all the different regulations that we have to abide by. Sometimes the regulations in place does not cover technology goals faster than what the regulation have in place so one has to be extremely careful as we embrace these new opportunities.

Infrastructure also poses a risk when you want to expand a location, one such issue is with power fluctuations. For example if a bank wants to open a new location they have to ensure continuous power connectivity and these are realities to take into account as we develop the service offering. The continent is moving at a very fast pace. These issues are the priorities of many governments and organizations throughout the continent and we are very optimistic about our ability to capitalize on technology to diversity our options for consumers. But it is critical to know that there are so many support functions behind the scenes to ensure that the operations are ongoing and the transaction process is flawless.

Q: Which areas in Africa have you not covered yet?
A: In Africa we are pretty much everywhere except in Somalia and this is due to the availability of networks but we opened in Swaziland last year and we are very proud of the footprints we have in the region today.

We would therefore like to see Western Union’s continues engagement with the Diaspora Community to enable people keep up with these services. On this note I would like to Congratulate Western Union on their 20 years of Service to Africa.

George Bright-Abu (pictured right) of the Afrikan Post newspaper and Oral Ofori of (left) had a productive visit with Aida Diarra (pictured in middle); Regional Vice President for Africa of The Western Union Company in their Washington, DC offices in USA.

Good NEWS!!!!!

Scientific photo

Congratulations goes out to Scientific from Liberia. He is multi-talented in music: Gospel Hip Hop and Rap.

Once again Scientificgh has been nominated in four categories for the FreshTv Music Awards as Best Hiphop Artist, Song of the Year, Best Collaboration, and Artist of the Year. Click the link and use 42651 as event code to vote for the Best Hiphop Artist and voting starts now!!

New Music: F-Clef – “Let it Fall” on us

LET IT FALL - F-Clef Cover

LET IT FALL – F-Clef [@FemiClef] | Download

Our lives need healing. We need healing in our homes, families, marriages, relationships, businesses, careers etc. We need God’s healing.

That’s the message and plea in F-Clef’s new song titled LET IT FALL. He calls for the Power of Most High to fall on us and heal us from every infirmity, make us whole and restore us.

GospelNaija presents soul singer, songwriter and worship leader, Olufemi Adeagbo professionally known as F-Clef, whose hit single DESTINED TO FLY is making waves all over. He decided to up the ante with this new powerful worship single. The song shows F-Clef in another light, an angle he hasn’t really portrayed in his previous singles but he’s quite known for in some quarters – A worship leader. The song LET IT FALL is anointed to usher in God’s healing in every situation. It’s a must-listen to everyone who needs healing and solution to every illness or situation of their lives.


F-Clef has been privileged to perform LET IT FALL at number of platforms, and he does live music! See the links below for videos:

PraiseVille, October 2016

Freedom Park, Nov 2016

Mr B’s Walk In Worship, December 2016

Connect with F-Clef

Twitter: @FemiClef
Instagram: @femiclef

New Video: Sammie J – Mmamma Crooner

SAMMIE J Video Artwork for Mmamma
Sammie J is a promising Nigerian christian songwriter and gospel music artist. His songs are so melodious, exceptional and spirit-filled that it appeals to both the young and old. Though Sammie J sings gospel, his music is able to get a wider audience of even non-christians.

The “Mmamma crooner” hails from Igbere, Bende LGA in Abia State. He’s the second born of one brother and four sisters to the family of Elder Dr & Mrs Johnson Onyike.

This music minister is a conference speaker and the coordinator of Soul Champions’ Crew, a nondenominational choral and charity family poised at growing musical potentials, evangelizing through songs and extending a helping hand to the needy.

His debut hit video, MMAMMA, is a touching and powerful danceable song that stirs up the spirit of thanksgiving unto God for His great deeds in our lives from year to year. This hit has an incredible beat and outstanding visual that will compel you to the dancefloor of gratitude…as produced by Stanpiano and directed by Pappiffy.

Nonprofit Cosmetic Surgery For Breast Cancer Survivors In West Africa

The Center For Cosmetic Surgery Ghana (CCSG) was set up in 2006 as a for-profit entity in Ghana by Dr. Kwasi A. Debra and his associates. Based on needs seen by Dr. Debra from patients that need cosmetic surgery treatment devoid of vanity, he has seriously been considering the establishment of a West Africa Nonprofit Cosmetic Surgery Unit for breast cancer survivors.

The long-term goal of CCSG and Aesthetic Laser and Vein Center; Dr. Debra’s Bowie Maryland practice in the USA, is to enhance the nonprofit hub idea such that more people across the west African sub-region come to benefit from it. Partners and potential sponsors have begun working together to make the West Africa Nonprofit Cosmetic Surgery Unit (WANCSU) a possibility by the close of 2025.

Dr. Debra, a US based Ghanaian cosmetic surgeon born November 24, 1957, identified some of these non-vanity treatment categories in an interview 2016 in Washington, DC.

Why a West Africa Nonprofit Cosmetic Surgery Unit

“Based on my years of experience from working in Ghana on women coming from across various West African countries to the CCSG, I have been able to identify some of these needs to be in the forms of breast reconstruction and cosmetic procedures for people who have had breast cancer and have received treatment” Dr. Debra said.

The cosmetic surgeon went on to say that “…some of these women after receiving breast cancer treatment might have prosthesis fitted to create the appearance of an actual breast. Eventually, some of them though need extensive surgery that might seem reconstructive with certain cosmetic components involved.”

“It is for situations like these that make me want to invest in setting up the WANCSU nonprofit unit where we can get potential sponsors to help us assist people that need cosmetic surgery related treatment that is not vanity but more humanitarian oriented.”

Cosmetic and plastic surgeons from all over the world and Africa would be encouraged to lend expertise and time to treating patients within the west Africa sub-region and anyone traveling outside it to receive treatment at WANCSU when it is completed.

Reason For the West Africa Focus

When asked why the focus on West Africa, Dr. Debra said because Africa is a big continent, for now, he does not intend to spread out to cover the entire continent, plus South Africa and some other technologically and medically developed countries have already set themselves on a great path to building vibrant cosmetic surgery industries in Africa.

“My partners and I are calling on anyone interested in helping make this 2025 dream of ours to set up WANCSU a reality to reach out so we start laying the foundation stone for this all important humanitarian responsibility.” – Dr. Debra

Kwasi A. Debra, MD MBA Obstetrician-Gynecologist is a cosmetic surgeon and member of the following: American College of Phlebology and the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery. He is also a past president of the Ghana Physicians and Surgeons Foundation and holds certifications from various respected institutions including Harvard.

He was once a Professor at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond, USA. Contact him about his vision 2025 nonprofit Center For Cosmetic Surgery by emailing [email protected]

Watch the Body-Transformation Cosmetic Surgeon speak on his trade

Mix Masta Garzy Unleashes New Year Riddim

Mix Masta Garzy PhotoGhana’s award winning and multiples hit producer Mix Masta Garzy is well known for producing electrifying beats.

To justify his proficiency in creating, mixing and mastering quality sound, he has released a free instrumental early this year 2016 titled New Year Riddim with the aim of giving both Indies and mainstream acts the chance to ride on and have a feel of his Garzy crafted beat.

The number of audio files accumulated just after the release of the instrumental was awesome, proving the weight and energy behind the groovy instrumental. Masta Garzy had to painstakingly sort the recorded samples out due to the unimaginable number that record on the riddim. Some notable artists in the Ghanaian music scene supported the cause by riding on the beat as well, the likes of D Cryme, Masaany, Eye Judah, Scata Bada, Renner, Jamaica songstress Karamanti and a lot more had their feelings and ideas expressed on the beat.

To crown the New Year a season to incubate another lucky artist for exposure, Mix Masta Garzy took it upon himself to officially release 2017 edition of New Year Riddim. 2016 edition of the riddim was giving enough ratings by many music fanatics after D Cryme and Masaany’s version titled Control was anchored with visuals by veteran director Bliss Drums from Ghana. New Year Riddim 2017 is an outstanding instrumental, thus all artist must gym their lyrics and sharpen their tongues to go hard on it. Benefits artist derived from recording on last year’s edition was the radio tour done by Dj Quest Gh to expose them and more intense promotional slot not known to them. 2MG Music will never disappoint so stay glued and anticipate high for the new edition.

Scientific waves the Liberian flag high as the only Liberian Artist to Win Big at WATSUP TV Music Video Awards

Scientific Coverart
WatsUp TV, organisers of the WatsUp TV Africa Music Video Awards (2016 WAMVA) have announced winners of its maiden edition of the pan-African entertainment awards meant to boost and encourage the production of quality music videos across Africa and beyond.

In a short winners announcement press conference in Accra, 22 winners emerged out of the over 170 music acts and video directors who were nominated when the awards was launched in September 2016. Voted as the African Video of the Year was, Kidogo, a video by Diamond Platnumz from Tanzania ft P’Square and directed by Godfather.

Diamond also emerged the overall top winner with 3 including, Best African Combo Video and Best African Male Video.

Godfather also got voted the Video Director of the Year with the Kidogo video.

Overall winners in each category were determined by popular votes from fans of WINNER from across the world.

Winners are set to storm Ghana next year for a Made in Africa concert, a music festival by WatsUp TV which is set to feature music acts from across Africa and beyond.

So BALLing is a culture

Same OG be dropping bars and raising the bar at the same time. The level of quality she exudes are true to the fact that as seen in her hit single I BALL, she is a firebrand “spirikoko” Christian and still be up to “The Game”, lavishing God’s grace and flamboyantly living the abundant life He promised. In simpler terms, this Lady BALLS!!

So BALLing is a culture. A state of mind. It’s not a privilege. It’s your Right. Why crawl when we can fly and not fall? No longer should we stall, we should be calling shots and standing tall, never dropping the ball. This VIDEO definitely did not drop the ball.


In 2017, the Eloquent Rapper and Singer, Motivational Writer and Youth and Women Empowerment Crusader hints that she will be releasing what she tags *Same OG Music Project*. Is it an EP, a LP, a Double Album or a Charity Concert? Who knows? …. We will keep you updated!

So, Why wait till 2017 to start your New Year Resolution of BALLing? Start now with Same OG’s “I BALL” (Feat N’BUZZ) – The Official Video and RoundUp 2016, BALLING!

I BALL is also available as caller ring back tunes and on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, and across Digital Stores. See some links below:

Amazon Music



Twitter: @its_sameog

Instagram: @its_sameog



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